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Energy Assignments

Although Martha King works extensively with small to midsized businesses in the Ann Arbor, she continues to work with regulated industries in a consulting capacity.  She has participated in the following energy related assignments in which she investigated one or more of the following areas:  internal controls, internal auditing, affiliated relations, customer service and customer accounting, financial management, organization and management, support services, and management information systems.

  • Commonwealth Edison
  • Toledo Edison Company
  • Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company
  • St. Vincent Energy Service Ltd.
  • Indianapolis Power & Light
  • Pacific Gas & Electric
  • Aqualectra
  • CurOil
  • Sempra Energy
  • Entergy Corporation
  • Duquesne Light Company
  • Public Service Electric & Gas
  • Louisville Gas and Electric Company
  • Pennsylvania Power & Light Company
  • Central Maine Power Company
  • Pennsylvania Gas and Water Company

Selected Consulting Experience

Indianapolis Power and Light – Performed a review of the call center and OMS at IPLCO as part of a review of the companies’ performance and reporting during major outage events.

Aqualectra and Curoil – Lead Consultant for an audit of the the electric, refined products and water utilities serving Curacao.  Ms. King reviewed the Customer Service, Budgeting, Financial Controls and Internal Auditing.

Commonwealth Edison – Consultant for an original cost audit of Delivery System assets for the Illinois Commission focusing on policy and procedures review, internal and external audit review and detail testing.

Toledo Edison Company and Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company – Lead Consultant for a focused audit of fuel procurement conducted for the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.  Investigated and analyzed fuel procurement policies and procedures for both fossil and nuclear fuels.

St. Vincent Energy Services Ltd. – Audited fuel procurement procedures, recalculated Fuel Adjustment Charge assessment, and reviewed policies on fuel contracting.

Pacific Gas & Electric – Lead Consultant for a series of  independent audits of the company’s compliance with the Affiliated Rules established by the California Public Utilities Commission (“CPUC”).  These audits were mandated by the CPUC but consultant selection and management was conducted by PG&E.

New Jersey Board of Public Utilities – Assisted in the evaluation of Public Service Electric & Gas’s stranded cost quantification as part of the utility’s electric deregulation proposal.  This included a reconciliation of FERC and regulatory balance sheets, analysis of proposed changes of T&D depreciation rates, an assessment of proposed capital additions, reconciliation of cost-of-service inputs, analysis of depreciation and tax changes needed for stranded cost calculation, and assessment of tax implications of tax issues of securitization.

Sempra Energy – Lead Consultant for an independent audit of the holding company’s compliance with the Affiliate Rules established by the California PUC.

Entergy Corporation – Lead Consultant for an affiliated relations audit for five commissions composed of four states (Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas) and the city of New Orleans.  Audit focused on transactions between the regulated affiliates and the non-regulated affiliates, but included an overall review of all transactions which were performed using statistical sampling.

Louisville Gas and Electric Company – Consultant for a management and operations audit conducted for the Kentucky Public Service Commission.  She investigated the areas of affiliated relationships, cash management, internal audit, customer accounting, and credit and collections.

Duquesne Light Company – Lead Consultant for a stratified management and operations audit for the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.  Focused on the areas of affiliate relations, internal audit, cash management, treasury, customer accounting, and credit and collections.

Pennsylvania Power & Light Company – Lead Consultant for a management and operations audit conducted for the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission.  She investigated the areas of financial management (affiliated relationships, corporate finance, financial requirements planning and economic analysis, cash management, management accounting, taxes, budgeting management and control, internal audit, and rates) and management information systems.  She also compiled and investigated select data and statistics of PP&L and comparable companies for analysis and reporting.  The report was further analyzed by the consulting team and Commission to target areas that warranted additional review and evaluation.  She also investigated inventory management utilizing modeling techniques and further refined the data by site visits, extensive physical inventory reviews, and interviews with plant personnel.  She also reviewed the costs and efficiencies of in-house construction and maintenance versus external contractors through cross-departmental meetings and extensive analysis using database techniques.

Central Maine Power Company – Consultant for a focused review conducted for the Maine Public Utilities Commission, in which she investigated management efficiencies and cost controls focusing on procurement practices and inventory management.

Pennsylvania Gas and Water Company – Lead Consultant for a management and operations review conducted for the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.  She investigated the areas of accounting and finance (with an emphasis on cash management and dividends paid to its parent company), affiliated relationships and transactions, and management information systems.


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