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C Wilson

Charles “Chuck” Wilson

Summary of Qualifications

Charles Wilson is an experienced Chief Financial Officer where during his thirty-two year career served as the CFO of three companies. One of the three was a public company listed on NASDAQ. Sector experience gained between the three businesses included consumer products, technology manufacturing in aerospace/aviation, and Tier One automotive supply. He has been involved in a number of business acquisitions over his career, and green field plant start-ups. For twelve years in addition to his CFO role in Automotive, Mr. Wilson had the dual role as General Manager of a subsidiary company engaged in the service and supply to the Automotive Aftermarket.

Mr. Wilson has a significant range of experience including; Management reporting, SEC reporting, Shareholder Reporting, business planning, forecasts & budgets, financings, acquisitions, proposal and grant writing, activity based costing, development and evaluation of accounting/finance staff, business & manufacturing systems, Human Resource management, IT management, risk management, business exit strategies, intellectual property development, and patent enforcement.

Areas of Experience

  • Financial Reporting Internal/Management
  • Financial Reporting Public Environment
  • SEC Reporting and Compliance
  • Shareholder Relations
  • Press Relations
  • Financial Analysis
  • Credit Risk & Collections
  • Capital Project Analysis
  • Business Planning: Forecasts, Budgets, & Reviews
  • Financings
  • Proposal & Grant Writing
  • Activity Based Costing “ABC”
  • Quoting Systems
  • Business Valuations
  • Business Acquisitions/Diligence
  • Managing Accounting for multiple locations
  • Development & Evaluation of Accounting/Finance Staff
  • Internal Audits
  • Managing External Audits
  • Management Incentive Programs
  • Defense & Government Contracting
  • Intellectual Property Management
  • Purchasing
  • Risk Management
  • Human Resource Management/Benefits Administration

Overview– In 1978 Mr. Wilson was recruited by Guardian Industries Corporation into its Accounting Management program. The result was a 32 year career with three different Guardian owned or controlled companies. In all three he held the position of Vice President & Chief Financial Officer.

In 1979 he was assigned to Guardian Photo Inc., one of the largest photographic processing companies in the U.S. Guardian operated 17 plants around the country. In 1980 he was sent to Guardian’s newest and largest plant in Allentown, PA as Controller for the Eastern Region which consisted of four processing plants. From Allentown in addition to the Controllership duties he headed a project for the development of a standard cost system, which was successfully implemented company wide. He was responsible for the development of many accounting procedures, and became an expert in managing credit risk and collections. By 1983 Guardian promoted him to Assistant Group Controller of Guardian Photo relocating him back to the Northville Michigan Headquarters. In 1984 Mr. Wilson was promoted to Group Controller. He was responsible for the all accounting and IT in the company. Mr. Wilson was instrumental in three successful business acquisitions. In 1987 Mr. Wilson was named Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Guardian Photo as part of a related party spin off in a highly leveraged transaction. Mr. Wilson was key in the proposal, and the obtainment of $40 million in financing for this transaction.

In 1991 Mr. Wilson accepted a transfer to Guardian Industries as project leader in the acquisition of a hi-tech manufacturing company, OIS Optical Imaging Systems Inc. OIS was a public company listed on the NASDAQ. Upon completion of the acquisition of the majority of OIS stock Mr. Wilson was appointed Senior Vice President and CFO of OIS. All administrative functions including Accounting, Treasury, Human Resources, Purchasing, Contract Management, and Facilities reported to him. In 1992 Mr. Wilson wrote a successful proposal to the Department of Defense for the construction of a $102 million facility to manufacture aviation instruments. The grant from the DOD was $48 million which was co-funding to a $54 million in bank financing for a new state of the art factory. In 1994 the factory started operations. Mr. Wilsons experience is extensive in Government Contracting and compliance, Government audits, patent development and enforcement, and all matters related to the start-up of a green field facility.

In 1998 Mr. Wilson was transferred to Guardian Automotive a newly combined company consisting of a recent acquisition of an exterior automotive trim company, Guardians two existing trim plants, and Guardians automotive glass company. The newly combined company with more than $1 billion in revenues globally. The trim plants supplied OEM’s with exterior plastic and metal body parts. Manufacturing processes included injection molding, painting, chrome plating on plastic and metal stamping. The Guardian glass plants supplied OEM’s and the aftermarket all the automotive glass used on the vehicle including windshields, tempered sidelights and back glass.

The CFO duties of the newly combined global company included the IT group. Financial consolidation of the combined companies was accomplished including business segment reporting. Major projects included the successful implementation of the Guardian Manufacturing and Planning System “GMAPS” prior to the Y2K issues with the legacy systems, and the implementation of Activity Based Costing “ABC” throughout the Automotive group. Mr. Wilson was instrumental in successfully navigating the credit risk issues with OEM’s and other customers during the 2008 financial crisis. In addition to his CFO role he was appointed the interim General Manager for Guardian Automotive Products a $100 million aftermarket distributor and retail service provider of automotive replacement glass. With the subsequent improvement in the company he remained in this dual role until his retirement in 2010.


B.B.A., Eastern Michigan University

Recent Assignments
Lighthouse Electronic Protection: 2013-current; Advisory Board Member & Chief Financial Advisor, restructured and simplified financial statement presentation, developed accounting procedures, developed quoting procedure, assisted in authoring company business prospectus.

Alpha Sights: 2014-2015: Consulted with their foreign clients on several occasions.

KSJ Development: 2011-2012: Consulted on establishing a company in telemedicine field using a unique product and software developed by KSJ.

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